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  • Golden Lane Housing testimonial

    Golden Lane Housing residents protected by Agrippa

    Posted on March 2, 2020

    Golden Lane Housing provide increased independence within their assisted living homes as residents hold open their fire doors safely with Geofire Agrippa fire door closers. Agrippa sound activated devices that close…

  • agrippa fire door closerts

    Agrippa fire door closer easing the way at care home

    Posted on September 28, 2016

    The Agrippa fire door closer has played a key role in ensuring fire compliance at Ard Cuan Residential Home in Northern Ireland, eliminating the need to hard wire in a system…

  • heritage buildings - fire door safety

    Opening the door to fire risk solutions at heritage sites

    Posted on October 5, 2015

    Fire is without doubt the greatest threat for heritage buildings, since only fire can destroy the entire fabric of a building, its precious artifacts and cultural resources, with flood coming a close…

  • Geofire fire door device training

    Geofire employees begin 12 month development programme

    Posted on September 30, 2015

    Last week, the Cell Improvement Leaders (CIL) at the Geofire factory took part in a continuous improvement training session, as part of a 12 month development program. The session, run by…