Maritime fire door safety

Maritime fire door safety
Geofire offers door holding products ideally suited to maritime applications. Our weatherproof door holders are specifically designed for the demands of heavy doors while our Salamander range provides a convenient wire-free solution.

Why hold fire doors open?
Holding open fire doors facilitates easy access through the vessel for everyday use. By using a door holder linked to the fire detection system, doors will be automatically released in a fire condition to ensure fire is safely contained.

Why install a Geofire system?
Weatherproof magnetic fire door holders are ideal for use in outdoor or marine applications and offer a holding force of 1200N. They are constructed using steel and zinc plating and have an IP65 rating.


Are a cost effective plug and play type solution

Hard Wired

These systems are tied back to the fire panel

Radio Transmitted

These systems do not alter the building infrastructure