Fire door safety in education

Fire Safety in Education
It is important that fire doors in education establishments are held open in a safe and secure way. Often members of staff will wedge open the fire doors to relieve the daily rush of young people in corridors.

Why hold fire doors open?

  • Improve access through your busy corridors
  • Remove the danger of fire doors being wedged open
  • Make heavy and cumbersome fire doors easy to open
  • Reduce the risk of injury from heavy fire doors closing too quickly
  • Unable to install hard-wired devices due to building infrastructure or risk of disturbing asbestos
  • Have installed a voice fire alarm which are not compatible with sound activated fire door devices

Why install a wire-free fire safety system in schools?

  • Reduce maintenance costs as well as providing the highest level of fire door security and control to protect staff, children and visitors
  • Installing fire door holders and/or closers into your school or college will ensure that in the event of a fire, the fire doors will close automatically.
  • Closing fire doors prevents the spread of smoke and flames travelling from room to room.
Download our fire safety guide

Download our fire safety guide – wire-free fire door holders and closers.


These systems do not alter the building infrastructure


Agrippa are a cost effective plug and play type solution


These systems are connected to the fire panel