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Salamander Radio Controlled Fire Door Holder

The Salamander radio controlled fire door holder is a category A, battery-powered, magnetic fire door holder controlled by radio signals from a central controller.

Innovative wire free radio technology means quick and easy fitting with no more unsightly cables and no need for major renovation.

The Salamander system holds up to 99 fire doors in the open position and is suitable for fire doors at the top of stairwells.

Salamander radio controlled fire door holders can be relocated to different doors as the building layout changes. Its large range of mounting options includes stands, chain mounted keepers and floor mounting brackets. Booster units can be easily added to cover larger installations.

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  • Wire free
  • Suitable for doors up to and including power size 5
  • Meets stringent protection measures needed at crucial fire exits requiring category A protection
  • Prolonged fire door life
  • Flexibility
  • Low maintenance
  • Two alkaline C cell batteries provides 12+ months battery life (batteries should be changed every 12 months as per BS 7273-4)
  • Low battery warning one month in advance
  • Conforms to EN1155
  • CE marked under the Construction Products Regulation
  • EMC approved
  • European Patent No 1799944
  • 12 month warranty

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