Fire door safety in leisure

Prevent the spread of COVID 19
Hold open doors to reduce door handle contact, increase ventilation and improve social distancing to prevent the spread of infection.

Fire door safety in leisure
Fire is one of the most prevalent threats faced by businesses in the leisure industry. Health and leisure centres, hotels, museums and theatres are all faced with large volumes of people and stuffy buildings with high humidity levels.

Why hold fire doors open?
Employees will often wedge open fire doors to increase the flow of fresh air throughout the building. In the event of a fire, flames and toxic smoke can spread very quickly, putting people and the property at risk.

Why install a Geofire system?
Installing a Geofire system will safeguard the lives of staff members and guests and preserve valuable equipment at the same time.


Are a cost effective plug and play type solution

Hard Wired

These systems are tied back to the fire panel

Radio Transmitted

These systems do not alter the building infrastructure