Fire Safety in Local Authority Buildings

Council offices, libraries, leisure centres and other council owned properties must have fire safety as a priority.  Fire doors should be closed in the event of a fire; however, there are many reasons why holding fire doors open is necessary in public buildings. Wedging a fire door open is illegal as it stops a fire door from closing which prevents the spread of smoke, toxic fumes and fire which risks lives.  Fire safety can be achieved in this situation with a fire door holding device, whether it’s hard wired into the fire panel or wire-free.  Geofire has the full range of options.

Why hold fire doors open in public buildings?

  • Accessibility for everyone through corridors is essential to conform to the Equality Act 2010
  • Allow busy traffic areas to flow freely throughout the building
  • Reduce the feeling of isolation in offices
  • Reduce the risk of accidents resulting from fire doors closing too quickly
  • Improve security due to increased building visibility (important where expensive equipment is stored)
  • Allow ventilation on hot and humid days

Benefits of installing wire-free fire safety systems?

  • Remove the danger of illegal use of wedges
  • Compliance with fire regulations
  • No hard wiring into walls where asbestos may be present or stone buildings
  • Fire door closers make heavy fire doors, lightweight and easy to use
  • Reduce maintenance costs as well as providing the highest level of fire door security (Salamander radio controlled system)
  • No specialist training required for installation (Agrippa only)
  • Cost effective versus a hard wired system due to hidden costs
  • Works with a standard or voice fire alarm depending on system

Compare the features of our wire-free options here > Wire free door holder comparison


Are a cost effective plug and play type solution

Hard Wired

These systems are tied back to the fire panel

Radio Transmitted

These systems do not alter the building infrastructure