Fire Safety in Airports
An airport’s design poses unique fire safety challenges that cannot be ignored. There are few other building types whose dominant focus is a full operations cycle involving large numbers of public occupants as well as a complex support system to enable the building function (retail, baggage handling, security, and so on).

Why Hold Fire Doors Open?
Fire doors in airports can often be held open for many reasons e.g. to reduce congestion, cater for queuing or increase airflow. Due to increasing legislation, it has never been more important to take the appropriate steps to ensure the correct provision is made to protect airport staff and visitors from the spread of toxic gases and fire.

Why Install a Geofire System?
Installing a Geofire hard wired or wire free system can reduce maintenance costs as well as providing the highest level of fire door security and control to protect staff, children and visitors.


Are a cost effective plug and play type solution

Hard Wired

These systems are tied back to the fire panel

Radio Transmitted

These systems do not alter the building infrastructure