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Installing Geofire fire door devices is a simple way to comply with fire safety regulations as they hold open fire doors and close them in the event of a fire. These reliable hold open devices prevent wedges’ being used which is a health and safety violation and puts lives at risk.

Why hold open fire doors?

Open fire doors improves security as it gives clear visibility for CCTV and security personnel to prevent theft and vandalism. Good ventilation and air flow can prevent mould and condensation and an open door can decrease the heat and humidity in a room improving well-being during warm weather.

Conforming to the Equality Act 2010 is important in all public buildings, people with disabilities must be able to navigate easily through the building. Making your building more accessible with better lighting and no obstacles will reduce the risk of falls and accidents on steps and uneven ground for those with a visual impairment. Care establishments such as a hospital and nursing home also makes it easier to move patients, trolleys and equipment.

Fire door maintenance can be costly to keep them working correctly so holding them in an open position at the top of the door will prevent damage and warping in high traffic areas.

Why install wire-free devices?

When hard-wired fire door holders are not cost effective or possible due to the fabric of the building, the ideal solution is wire-free fire door devices. Benefits include:

Agrippa fire door holder and closer

  • Stop wedges being used unsafely
  • Compliant with fire regulations
  • Cost effective installation
  • Top of the door and hygienic position
  • No damage to the walls
  • Highest level of fire door safety (Salamander)
  • Works with a voice fire alarm (Salamander)


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