Fire doors must be closed in the event of a fire; however, there are many reasons why hotels need fire doors in an open position. Propping a fire door open is illegal as in the event of a fire could lead to irretrievable damage to the hotel and its reputation. If the unthinkable does happen, it’s vital to ensure the fire is contained so that a safe evacuation is possible.  Fire safety can be achieved in this situation with a fire door holding device, whether it’s hard wired into the fire panel or wire-free.

Why hold fire doors open in hotels?

  • Accessibility is essential to ensure your hotel is inclusive to all and to conform to the Equality Act 2010
  • Allow guests and staff to carry luggage through corridors without obstruction
  • Allow ventilation on hot and humid days
  • Reduce noise at night from doors slamming

Benefits of installing wire-free fire safety systems?

  • Stop fire doors being wedged open
  • Comply with fire regulations
  • No hard wiring into walls causing damage and hidden costs (more cost effective when retrofitting)
  • Fire door closers can make heavy fire doors easier to use for older, younger and less-able guests
  • Wire-free devices can offer the highest level of fire door security (Salamander radio controlled system)
  • No specialist training required for installation (Agrippa only)
  • Works with a standard or voice fire alarm depending on system (Salamander only)

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Sound activated

Cost effective wire-free plug and play solution

Hard Wired

Hard-wired to the fire panel

Radio Transmitted

Centrally monitored wire-free communication