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Golden Lane Housing residents protected by Agrippa

Posted on March 2, 2020

Golden Lane Housing provide increased independence within their assisted living homes as residents hold open their fire doors safely with Geofire Agrippa fire door closers.

Agrippa sound activated devices that close automatically in the event of a fire have been installed in over ten of their properties so far, protecting tenants and buildings from the spread of smoke and toxic fumes if the worst does happen.

Benedict Lane, compliance and services manager stated, “Homes at Golden Lane are designed to provide independence for residents with learning disabilities and holding open their internal fire doors is fundamental for easy access around their homes. However, we know that holding fire doors open with anything other than an approved holding device risks lives.

“We need devices that are easy to install and maintain as well as cost effective.  After previously using a standard fire door closer and a plunger type device at the bottom of the door we found issues with sensitivity which meant doors closed with any loud noises such as a washing machines.

Agrippa sound activated fire door closer

“It was clear the solution was the Agrippa fire door closer as they are a one-stop-shop for residents to keep their fire doors open at any angle. They are nice aesthetically too with a slim line design and available in various colours.

“Video footage of the fitting instructions is available on the Geofire website which helps with the installation and programming. The listen and learn programme ensures that the fire doors close upon hearing the fire alarm, solving our previous sensitivity issues with other manufacturers. The team at Geofire are also on hand to help with any technical issues too.

“One of the main features that drew us to the Agrippa fire door closer is its timer as we need to close all doors at night. The timer can be set instantly to release  on an evening using the LED display.

“We buy our Agrippa closers at Screwfix which makes our job a lot easier when they are readily available.

“We are stringent with fire safety and we ensure that every rule and legislation is followed. We always follow best practice as integrity is the backbone of our organisation which is values we share with Geofire.”

For more information on a range of fire door holding devices including hardwired, radio-controlled and sound activated go to www.geofire.co.uk.


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