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National Library of Wales upgrades fire safety to the Salamander fire door system

Posted on September 13, 2021

Aberystwyth, Wales, UK, April 26 2017. National Library of Wales.

The radio controlled Salamander system has been installed in the National Library of Wales (NLW) located in Aberystwyth. The NLW reached out to Salamander approved installer, AKD Fire and Security, to upgrade their current fire door system following false activation and trip hazard concerns with their existing solution.

The Salamander system offered the NLW a perfect alternative, hygienically positioned at the top of the door, Salamander is the only wire-free, radio controlled system which complies with Category A of BS 7273-4. Providing all the same benefits of a traditional hard-wired system, Salamander is wire-free and battery powered making it quick and easy to install, saving time, installation costs and disruption to the building’s décor.

The NLW was founded by Royal Charter in 1907 and is one of the great achievements of the cultural aspirations of the Welsh nation. The NLW is primarily funded by the Welsh Assembly Government (Assembly Government Sponsored Body) and as a legal deposit library it is entitled to receive copies of most printed material published in the UK and Ireland. The NLW is unusual for a national library in that is strives to collect and preserve heritage collections in a variety of different media, including one of the largest collections of printed newspapers and journals relating to Wales, the Welsh and the Celtic peoples.

The Library is effectively one large building with a floor area of 35,000 m2 that comprises a number of interconnected sections. These have been constructed over the last one hundred years and has given rise to a large and complex building.

Due to this, a fire presents one of the largest risks to the NLW, and if left to spread a fire could cause irreplaceable damage to the building and its priceless artefacts. Playing an essential role in the compartmentalisation of fire, fire doors minimise the spread of flames and toxic smoke to reduce damage and ensure fire exit routes are clear for evacuation.

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