Fire Door Closers

What are fire door closers?

Fire door closers will hold open a fire door when required to ease access and automatically close the door in the event of a fire.

Fire doors should be kept closed to prevent fire or smoke spreading throughout a building. All fire doors should be fitted with a door closer. Geofire’s door closers are a complete door holder and closer in one door-mounted unit.

Geofire designs and manufactures a radio controlled fire door closer and an acoustic fire door closer, as well as a mechanical closer that will simply close the door after opening.

Our fire door closers operate using magnets, the magnet will resist closure of the door until it is released in the event of a fire. The trigger for the magnet releasing is a fire alarm; the fire alarm will communicate differently depending on the mechanism you use.

Radio systems connect wirelessly to a controller via radio signals. This controller is mains powered and easily wired into the existing fire panel and therefore does not alter the building infrastructure. In the event of a fire, the controller is triggered into alarm mode by the fire panel and signals the holders to release.  The Salamander radio systems are category A compliant, as defined by BS7273-4.

Acoustic systems are a cost effective plug and play type solution, which listens for the fire alarm. Geofire’s acoustic solution, the Agrippa range, is the first of its kind on the market; it listens and learns your specific fire alarm releasing the magnet when it hears a particular sound. This differs from others on the market, which release the magnet on hearing any loud noise. This significantly reduces false activations. The Agrippa range can be fitted by anyone; it involves fitting the unit and keeper plate to the wall behind the door and performing a learn procedure. The Agrippa acoustic systems are category C compliant, as defined by BS7273-4.