Agrippa Sound Activated

The Agrippa sound activated products are powered by two c cell batteries and completely wire-free. The products in the range react to the specific sound of the building’s fire alarm.

The magnetic fire door holder and fire door closer can be fitted to safely and legally hold fire doors open to ease accessibility and increase ventilation. If the fire alarm sounds, the devices will automatically close the fire door to protect the building and the people in it, in the event of a fire. The devices will not hold the door open if the batteries run out of power.

The Agrippa pillow fire alarm is a battery-powered device used to alert the deaf and hard of hearing in the event of a fire. If the fire alarm sounds the pillow pad vibrates, high intensity LED lights flash and an LCD screen displays ‘fire’.

All of the Agrippa products use ‘listen and learn’ technology to record the sound of the building’s fire alarm. This means they will not react to the sound of other loud noises such as the vacuum cleaner or loud children.