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How can Agrippa help prevent the spread of infection?

The wire-free Agrippa fire door holder can help with infection control through:

– Preventing door handle contact
– Increasing room and building ventilation
– Improving visibility and accessibility to ensure social distancing is maintained

The Agrippa door holder and closer uses ‘listen and learn’ technology to legally hold open fire doors, releasing them at the sound of the building’s fire alarm.

Key features

Key features

  • Battery powered and wire-free
  • Can be installed at either the top (to avoid floor damage and door warping) or bottom of the door
  • One red button on the unit to manually close fire doors
  • 10 minute installation
  • Daily timed release option
  • 200N magnetic holding force
  • Learns the sound of your fire alarm

Key features

Key features

  • Free-swing mode makes the door feel light and easy to move
  • Daily time release option
  • Allows the door to be held at a number of angles
  • Red button to manually close fire doors
  • Battery powered and wire-free
  • Learns the sound of your fire alarm

Wire-free and battery operated

Recognised by UK Fire and Rescue Services and the London Fire Brigade

Easy wire-free installation

Learns the sound of the building's specific fire alarm


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