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5 Benefits of Agrippa in the leisure sector

Posted on January 18, 2024

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5 benefits of Agrippa in the leisure sector

Whether it’s a bustling gym, active swimming pool or any lively entertainment venues the primary motivation is to have fun, however it is equally crucial to prioritise safety. Let’s look at five benefits of using fire door holders in leisure facilities and why these devices are indispensable for ensuring the safety and well-being of visitors and staff.


1 Compliance with Safety Standards

Leisure facilities, like all public spaces are subject to strict safety and building regulations. Fire door holders play a pivotal role in meeting these standards by ensuring that doors automatically close in the event of a fire. These holders contribute to compliance, providing a secure environment that aligns with safety guidelines and legal requirements.

2 Ventilation

Most leisure facilities hold their doors open to create a friendly atmosphere, though a fire door held open by a heavy weight or kettle bell will be unable to shut risking lives. However, using fire doors equipped with an Agrippa door holder or closer allows doors to shut upon detecting the alarm. This minimises the risk of fire and harmful smoke extending between rooms and allows for ventilation during regular hours. The best of both worlds!

3 Protection of Equipment

Leisure facilities often house specialised recreational equipment, in the event of a fire, fire door holders help protect these valuable assets through quick containment. Fire doors can help reduce financial losses for the facility whilst also ensuring that visitors can continue to enjoy a wide range of activities.

4 Enhanced Emergency response

Through their enhanced response fire door holders contribute to maintaining a safe environment by containing fire to a specific area they prevent the rapid spread of fire and smoke. This not only aids emergency responders in their efforts, but also provides them with the necessary time and control to manage the situation effectively, further ensuring the safety of everyone on the premises.

5 Quick and easy installation

The Agrippa fire door holder is easy to install, taking around ten minutes to set up with a step by step installation video available on YouTube. The door holder is wire-free so can be installed to any door without risk of damage and powered by two ‘C’ cell batteries. The LED display screen shows when easy maintenance is required, indicating when to change a low battery or configure the device.


Fire door holders serve as silent guardians, working behind the scenes to ensure a safe environment for everyone to enjoy.


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