Hard Wired Solutions

Smoke Vent Winch

The Geofire powered smoke vent winch offers a compact solution to the problem of opening roof vents in large buildings.

The slim line design allows the winch to be fitted unobtrusively in the vent framework. A powerful 230V motor provides ample closing force via cables fitted to the vent. Once the vent/fire door retainer is closed, the winch locks in position with a 24V brake.

When power to the brake is cut, the winch releases, allowing the vent to open under the action of gas struts, etc. When power is returned to the winch, it automatically pulls the vent back to a closed position.

  • Automatic closing of smoke vent winches with failsafe opening
  • Slim-line design
  • 1400N closing force
  • Can be used for controlled vent opening for temperature control
  • Alternative sizes available