Salamander Radio Controlled Products

Salamander Zleepsafe Vibrating Pillow Alarm

Zleepsafe is a wire free, battery powered bedside alarm that acts as an addition to a sounder and/or a siren to alert people who are deaf or hard of hearing to evacuate a building when the fire alarm is activated.

ZleepSafe can be relocated to different rooms as building layout changes. Booster can be added to cover large installations.

  • Helps meet the requirement of the Equality Act 2010
  • LCD time and alarm clock includes flashing white LED visual warning and vibrating pillow pad
  • Suitable for existing Geofire radio installations - works alongside Salamander door holders and door closers
  • Flexible
  • Innovative design conserves battery power, expected battery life of up to 12 months
  • Visual warning of low battery and radio signal fault
  • European Patent No 1799944
  • 12 month warranty

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