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How to prepare your business to reopen post-lockdown

Posted on February 22, 2021

As the Government announces their latest roadmap plan, businesses can now prepare to reopen their doors over the coming months. For many businesses the announcement today will suggest a potential reopening date after almost a whole year of closure.

However uncertain our post-lockdown life may seem, there are steps that can be taken to prepare you, your employees and the building in order to hit the ground running when the time comes.

  1. Speak to your employees

Furlough and working from home may have caused a barrier within internal communication over the last year, but it’s important to prioritise consistent and clear messaging as you prepare to reopen. We know that the dates provided in the projected roadmap will be dependent on the latest local data and statistics, meaning sudden changes may occur. Ensure that your employees are kept up-to-date with any business developments as announcements are made.

You should also use this time to speak directly with your employees to understand their questions, concerns and requirements from a personal and practical perspective; Are they able to return to work? Do they need additional measures in place? Has their job role changed? Do they need to complete or refresh any training?

  1. Review procedures and policies

Review your existing policies and procedures and ensure that everything is not only up-to-date, but considers the impact of the pandemic. From general risk assessments to fire safety evacuation procedures, you may be surprised to learn how much infection control considerations can impact these.

You will also need to develop a COVID-19 specific risk assessment to ensure you are meeting your legal responsibility to protect your employees from risk. To find information specific to your sector, visit GOV.uk.

  1. Review your building

If your building has been closed for an extended period of time you may find that you have some work to do before you can welcome people back (and not just a spot of dusting). Ensure that all necessary inspections have been completed and paperwork is up-to-date. Typical examples include; water, heating, ventilation and fire safety systems.

  1. Implement and review new practices to help infection control

The HSE.gov.uk has published an extensive guide which details the steps you can take to create a COVID-secure workplace. While you may have put preventive measures in place last year, it is still important to review your updated COVID risk assessment to ensure that these are still effective and suit your businesses day-to-day operation. It is also important to remember that these measures shouldn’t be implemented at a detriment to other safety considerations.

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