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Fire Door Safety Week 2019

Posted on September 23, 2019

It’s Fire Door Safety Week 2019 and we are supporting this important awareness campaign and encouraging property managers to consider wire-free and hard-wired fire door devices as a safe and compliant way to hold open fire doors.

The industry led fire door safety week highlights the critical and lifesaving role of fire doors. Property managers are reminded how and when to check the operation and condition of their fire doors to ensure they work correctly and are not obstructed from closing in the event of a fire. Without regularly inspecting and maintaining fire doors it is likely that fire doors will not comply with regulations, which places property and lives at risk as well as risks huge fines.

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Click on this link to view our Fire Door Safety Week 2019 animation.

There are many legitimate reasons fire doors are kept open such as accessibility, ventilation and safety purposes depending on the building use. However, fire doors must be closed to work so they must be in good working condition and be allowed to close in the event of a fire. Without fire door maintenance and safety devices, there will be a risk to life as any fire, toxic fumes and smoke can easily spread through the building.

Geofire’s range of fire door holding and closing devices use intelligent electro-magnetic technology and includes hard-wired, radio controlled and sound activated solutions, which are all recognised by UK fire and rescue and the London fire brigade.

Andy Collinson, CEO of Geofire reinforces the Fire Door Safety Week key messages, “A fire door will only work to protect its occupants in the event of a fire if it is closed. Easy movement is necessary in many sectors such as the NHS, education and residential homes, but holding open fire doors must be done in a compliant and safe way. Fire door holders and closers should be used as the compliant solution, they will allow a fire door to close in the event of a fire.

“Geofire has fire door devices for all sectors, buildings and installations and they are all legally compliant. We urge building owners and managers to consider there fire door safety immediately. Each individual fire door should have a health and safety risk assessment completed and the category of fire safety devices should be addressed to ensure that they meet the needs of the building users while keeping safety paramount.

“We manufacture a large range of electromagnetic holders and ‘swing free’ closers suitable for all building types. Our industry leading hard-wired options, radio controlled Salamander and acoustic Agrippa products have been fitted in buildings across the UK and Europe.

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