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Fire door safety in the education sector

Posted on May 22, 2019

Wire-free guide to fire door safety

A large school fire can devastate and disrupt a child‘s education. Although precautions can be taken to prevent a school fire, no building is immune from the risks. Ensuring a building has fully compliant fire doors is vital to help protect buildings and lives. Fire doors stop the spread of fire, smoke and toxic fumes and must be closed to work effectively. Propping them open with a wedge is illegal and could result in huge fines and risks lives.

There are many legitimate reasons for holding a fire door open in an educational building. Installing wire-free electromagnetic fire door devices can give the benefit of open fire doors while giving the peace of mind that they will close in the event of a fire, protecting the building and occupants and staying within fire regulations.

AA busy corridor in a secondary schoolll education buildings including schools, universities and colleges need to ensure they are fully compliant with fire door safety.

Read our wire-free fire door guide.


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