Fire door safety in education

Fire Safety in Education
It is important that fire doors in education establishments are held open in a safe and secure way. Often members of staff will wedge open the fire doors to relieve the daily rush of young people in corridors.

Why hold fire doors open?
Fire doors are often kept open to ease access for pupils, as well as staff to aid the easier manoeuvre of trolleys and equipment throughout large buildings.

Why install a wire-free system?
Installing a wire-free system can reduce maintenance costs as well as providing the highest level of fire door security and control to protect staff, children and visitors. Installing fire door holders and/or closers into your school or college will ensure that in the event of a fire, the fire doors will close automatically. Closing fire doors prevents the spread of smoke and flames travelling from room to room.

Download our fire safety guide

Download our fire safety guide – wire-free fire door holders and closers.


These systems do not alter the building infrastructure


Agrippa are a cost effective plug and play type solution


These systems are connected to the fire panel