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Salamander training session 19th September 2017

Posted on August 25, 2017

The next Salamander training session has been announced! Join us on Tuesday 19th September to learn how to install our radio controlled fire door technology.

hold open hospital fire doors

The Salamander system is specified to the highest fire safety standard in the UK (BS7273-4 critical actuation or category A). Made up of a central controller connected to the building’s fire panel, the Salamander system includes a wireless fire door holder and a fire door closer.  Both products are battery powered and can therefore be retrofitted to any building and integrated into an existing fire panel.

If the fire alarm sounds, a signal is sent via radio waves to the devices to automatically close fire doors in the event of a fire. This prevents the spread of smoke and flames throughout the building.

As a Salamander installer you will receive:

  • Full training at the Geofire head office on how to sell, survey and maintain the Salamander system
  • Preferential rates with discounts
  • Customer referrals for your agreed catchment area
  • Your logo and contact details on our list of approved Salamander installers
  • Training for system updates
  • 12 months warranty from date of installation, 18 from date of manufacture
  • Annual service and calibration of demonstration kit
  • Technical support helpline

Perfect for schools, heritage buildings, theatres, large open plan buildings and even spaces with asbestos, all of the products in the range are battery powered and wire-free, saving time, installation costs and any disruption.

To book, contact us at enquiries@geofire.co.uk.

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